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Achieving Your Goals with the Support of your Academic Advisor

Bonnie-and-Student_1115x400Like all adult students, you’ve got a lot going on in your life. You may be caring for family members, working long hours, volunteering in your community, and more. Being a college student is only one part of your life and it’s the reason that so many of your friends, family, and coworkers are amazed at your dedication and perseverance in pursuing your degree. You have goals and you’re focused on achieving them. Clarity about your purpose will help you stay motivated when your calendar gets busy. Take pride in your decision to return to school.

With so much going on, you need a support system to help you stay on track to maximize your education and craft a plan to reach graduation and a rewarding career. This support system is often your Academic Advisor. At Granite State College we use an “Appreciative Advising” model to help you reach your goals and take full advantage of your educational experience. So how do we use this approach with you?

Share your Story

Firstly, Appreciative Advising is all about building strong relationships that are based on trust and the mutual goal of making the most out of your college experience. Each time we meet, we’ll strive to create a welcoming environment and encourage you to share your goals, passions, dreams, strengths, and, yes, concerns. Through our conversations, we’ll gain a picture of where you’d like to go, what’s important to you, and how we can best help you reach your goals.

Envision your Future

Many successful business owners and professionals agree that using visualization to map out your future can be an extremely powerful tool in making your goals a reality. By incorporating your interests and passions into life and career goals, we’ll help you create a vision of what you can become. Once you’ve set career goals, we can help you dig in to the skills, certifications, experience, and competencies needed for that career. With a strong career focus and goal for your education, you’ll feel inspired and connected to your major. After all, knowing there’s an exciting new career path and possibly a higher salary waiting for you after graduation is a huge motivator.

Create a Plan and Celebrate your Success

Once you’ve determined where you’d like to go, you’ll feel empowered to make your own decisions and create a concrete plan to achieve your goals. Having this plan will give you the confidence of knowing you can achieve a lot by taking things one step at a time and we’ll be available to help you map out each step. While you implement your plan, we’ll be there to help you predict obstacles and brainstorm strategies to overcome them, recalibrate your plan when needed and determine, document and celebrate milestones and successes.

Find Additional Support

Sometimes difficulties come up that you don’t expect. When this happens, adjust the plan but don’t give up on your goals. When you do find you need additional support in reaching your goals, we can offer advice and referrals to the many student resources at your disposal such as counseling, tutoring, career services, time management skills and other student success tips to help you succeed and get back on track.

Become More Than You Ever Imagined!

Starting strong and staying focused on graduation will help you make smart decisions throughout your degree program. Meeting regularly with your advisor is an excellent way to plan, strategize and celebrate as you meet each milestone.

As you work toward your degree, we’ll be here to challenge you to be more than you ever imagined, giving you a boost of confidence to achieve more than you thought possible. We won’t settle or give up on you! Our goal is to see you succeed in each course, at graduation, in a new career, and in your personal life.


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