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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Career Services

Our career services team meets with students each day online, by phone, and in-person at to help them discover a career they’ll love and make a concrete plan to obtain their goals.

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How to Prepare for your Phone Interview

A phone interview is often the first step in the interview process. The recruiter or hiring manager’s goal is to take a long list of applicants who have great resumes and narrow them down to a manageable list of candidates that can be brought in for the next level: the interview. Remember, your ultimate goal is to pass their screening process and be brought in for a second interview. Knowing how to do so isn’t always easy, however there are a few concrete steps you can take to be better...
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How to Ask for a Professional Reference

For adult students, starting a job search can be like adding another job to your already busy life! But, taking the time to do it right is critical. One huge part of your job search process is ensuring you have people who can speak to your qualifications, skills and abilities. These people are your professional references. Who are My Professional References? Ensuring you have several quality references can be key in landing a job, so putting some time and effort into approaching your potential...
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6 Ways to Build Your Work Experience and Skills

Employers’ job postings are pretty specific about how many years of experience they’d like to see before considering a candidate for employment. Many students find themselves stumped because they don’t meet the minimum qualifications. You may wonder: How can I gain the experience I need, if I’m not already working in a similar position? Shouldn’t my degree be enough? Applying regularly only to encounter rejection can be draining on students and many struggle to figure out how to make themselves...
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Granite State College Transforms Your Career!

Academic Advising at Granite State College has recently undergone a transformation! Our adoption of an “Area of Interest” model will improve each student’s experience, enhance the way our advisors counsel students, and advance a career emphasis to the forefront of our mission. Adult learners are already in the workforce and many are here with us to make a career change. Whether it’s advancing an already fulfilling career, changing into a new career, or just starting out, we recognize that...
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Career Fairs 101

If you're looking for an effective way to learn more about your industry and take your professional communication skills up a notch, you can increase your network at an upcoming career fair. Never been? Here's what to expect: Career fairs are often held in conference centers, colleges and universities, municipal buildings, or other public spaces. Inside, you'll find dozens (or hundreds!) of employers and employment agencies focused on meeting potential candidates and making connections. Plan...
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Your Career Counselor: Do Credentials Matter?

When you decide to meet with a career counselor, you’re hoping they’ll listen closely to your career story and offer concrete advice on how to overcome obstacles and find a career that's right for you. This may include learning more about your career direction, learning which college major is best for your career goals or updating your resume to make a career change. No matter which topic you hope to cover, you’ll want the career counselor you meet with to be knowledgeable and offer insight...
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Tips for Acing Your Next Interview

Interviewing has become a large part of our lives as we’re changing jobs more frequently than ever before. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average person will have 12 jobs from age 18 to 48. That’s a lot of interviews! While many of us have interviewed in the past, we may still feel intimidated when walking into a room full of strangers. The tips ahead can help you prepare, practice, and feel more confident when approaching your next interview. Prepare and Practice Interview...
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Career Good Karma

Have you ever heard the idea that if you put positive energy into the universe, good things will happen for you? There’s a theory, developed by career theorist John Krumboltz, that’s similar to karma and it's been proven to actually work. The theory is "Planned Happenstance" or the idea that you can take advantage of or even actively look for circumstances that can change your career for the better. Sometimes it's those moments that many of us would call luck that change our lives. The chance...
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12 Steps to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Creating a professional LinkedIn profile is a great way to attract potential employers and make connections to people who can help your career. Your profile is essentially an online resume that highlights your skills, accomplishments, employment history and education. According to Career Builder, 70% of employers today are reviewing candidates’ online presence and many are recruiting online, so having a professional profile is an excellent a way to stand out from the crowd. Before you take that...
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Future Focused: Resume Writing for Career Changers

Changing careers can be a difficult proposition. Not only are many career changers at a loss for how to gain the experience they need to move smoothly to a new position, they’re also not sure how to best represent their new professional self on their resume and cover letter. The good news is that there’s a specific formula for creating a new presentation of your skills, abilities and experiences. Read on for our tips. A Degree is Great, but Experience Matters Too Many Career Changers know they...
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