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Great Resume Writing Starts Here: The Do's And Don'ts

Resume trends change regularly. Knowing what’s new and what’s considered passé can make the difference between scoring an interview, or having your resume fall into the dreaded "no" pile.  Follow the tips below to create a great up-to-date resume! Don’t Forget the Top Third Rule The top third of your resume is the most important and where you’ll want to highlight your best skills and experiences. Employers typically spend 6 seconds scanning each resume, so capturing their attention in the top...
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5 Steps to Finding Work You'll Love: Career Planning Tips

If you're stuck in a job that's not a good fit, you've probably caught yourself thinking about your "dream job." You may have wondered what it would be like if going to work was among the highlights of your week instead of the low points. It might sound like a fantasy, but having a position that feels right can be a reality. How? The key to finding work you'll love is knowing yourself and then using that knowledge to find local job opportunities that fit you. The Career Planning Cycle The first...
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A Key that Opens a Specific Door: Customize that Resume!

In today’s job market, resumes and cover letters are still one of the best ways of making a first impression. However, gone are the days when one resume that explains your job duties and employment history is enough. Hiring managers are looking for a resume that speaks to them and the position they’re filling. And, they’re being highly selective. Have you ever applied to a position only to find the door to a new job remains firmly locked? Why are you unable to open the door? The reason may...
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Using Social Media to Benefit Your Job Search

Do you have an online presence? A Facebook page, LinkedIn account, personal website, blog, or other social media account? It might sound strange, but not having online accounts could be hurting your job search. You could assume that having no social footprint is a better option: if there’s nothing to find, there’s nothing that can negatively impact your job search. However, this off-the-grid strategy sends an entirely different message to employers. Does this applicant lack tech skills? Do they...
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Why You Need Career Services

Finding fulfillment and satisfaction in the job tasks we complete every day is a huge part of what makes our lives happy and prosperous. If we're in the wrong career path, it can have negative consequences for our wellbeing. This is why planning our career development is so important for every professional, as we spend so much of our lives working! It's critical for everyone, at every stage of their career, to take time to strategize each career move through determining interests, researching...
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