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Granite State College Transforms Your Career!

Granite State College Advisor and student

Academic Advising at Granite State College has recently undergone a transformation! Our adoption of an “Area of Interest” model will improve each student’s experience, enhance the way our advisors counsel students, and advance a career emphasis to the forefront of our mission.

Adult learners are already in the workforce and many are here with us to make a career change. Whether it’s advancing an already fulfilling career, changing into a new career, or just starting out, we recognize that academic and career guidance is increasingly critical for success. Our advising model will integrate career and academics more closely; empowering students to have confidence about their major choice and better prepare them to make sound career decisions.

Academic Areas of Interest

Our new Areas of Interest categorize our degree programs in a way that helps students better understand their major options based on their interests.

Our Areas of Interest are:

Academic Advising Support

Integrating our Admissions, Advising, and Career staff has allowed us to more intentionally incorporate career topics into our very first discussions. Your Academic Advisor will also continue to guide you throughout your time with us by aiding with course selection and connecting you to further academic support, however they’ll also have increased knowledge, training, and resources to assist you with your career development strategy.

Advising conversations can include discussing the knowledge, abilities, and skills for your future career as well as needed technology skills, potential career paths, professional associations, and certifications. From here you’ll be encouraged to deepen your career research and knowledge to gain an understanding of your field that will guide you throughout your academic plan and career goals.

Your Academic Advisor will be your first-line resource for your Area of Interest and starting these career conversations early gives you the opportunity to think thoughtfully about your career and begin putting together a plan as early as your first semester. In addition, our Area of Interest faculty will be available to help guide you with specific details about your degree program and industry.

Career Services Support

If further support is needed, you’re encouraged to meet with Career Services for a deeper dive into who you are as an individual by learning more about your interests, skills, and experiences. This can include determining which major within an Area is right for you based on your interests and specific career options, finding creative ways to gain experience while still working and taking classes, or updating a resume and cover letter and practicing interview skills for a job search. Furthermore, Career Services Employer and Industry Info Sessions will help you learn more about your specific industry, including interview skills, hiring practices, industry technology and skills, available positions, and local employers.

For the undecided student, Career Services will help guide you to make a smart choice about which major will enhance your future career through self-assessments and a conversation that will uncover your personal interests, skills, work values, and goals. From there, you’ll meet with an Academic Advisor who specializes in your area of interest, allowing you to have continued career support and discussions as you move through your degree program. As always, Career Services is available for students who want to go deeper into crafting a long or short-term career action plan.

Combining academics and career concerns is essential in today’s fast-paced world. College graduates want to be happy and successful in the careers they choose and want to know that they will be employable after graduation. While a degree is certainly necessary, gaining extra skills, experiences, and career knowledge about oneself along the way will lead to better career outcomes for all our students.

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