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Finish college quicker with our 6-week courses


It's a classic struggle...
Do I take one course next term so I don't get too overwhelmed?   or
Do I take multiple courses so I can finish my degree ASAP?

Taking courses one at a time helps a lot of busy, working students find great work/life balance. When you're investing a lot in your education, you want to do well. Why overextend yourself and risk falling short?

There is a downside to this approach, and it's an important one.

When you take one course per term, finishing college can take a long time. If you up your course load, you can cut multiple semesters off the time frame that it would've taken you to complete your degree program one class at a time. This is less time in college and less opportunity for you to incur additional student loan debt, offering you a compelling win-win scenario.

Taking two classes per term can be challenging, but it's absolutely necessary if you have an ambitious time line for finishing your degree.

In this course load struggle, there is a happy compromise:
6-week courses.

What is a 6-week course?

These class run during the regular 12-week semester. However, this option allows you to take two courses one at a time, back-to-back in 6-week spans, and within the regular Spring term.

What are the benefits?

Instead of balancing two classes with different week-to-week expectations, you can put all of your attention into just one course at a time. Applying your full-focus into just one course can help you in several ways:

Staying organized
Have you ever mixed up the course requirements when taking multiple courses… Maybe one instructor wants you to post to Moodle twice a week, and the other requires three posts? We're human. We make mistakes, but boy does it make you feel small when you've made a mix up! One benefit of the 6-week courses is that there’s just one syllabus for you to consult. It minimizes the risk for confusing your requirements and allows you stay organized.

Staying engaged
No matter what, college is a huge investment. You want the opportunity to connect with the subject matter on a deeper level and get the most out of your learning experience. That’s why you’re here.

When you enroll in two 6-week courses, you gain the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the course topic. You can take your learning to a whole new level!

Where can I find a listing of these six-week courses?

They're in our course schedules. When you're reviewing the course listings, the dates column notes each of the 6-week courses.

Learn how you can start or return to college. Download Our Course Schedule