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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Tuition Reimbursement 101: Five Things to Know

Balancing your career with college coursework requires tremendous focus and dedication, especially when you’re returning to college as an adult. Luckily, there are dozens of ways to find support and you just may have more people in your corner than you think – and among those undercover players in your support network could be your employer. More than 50% of employers offer undergraduate tuition assistance. Tuition assistance, or tuition reimbursement, is a company-offered benefit that gives...
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Thinking “I can’t afford to go to college”?... Think again!

Are you thinking, "I can’t afford to go to college"??? If so, we have a challenge for you:  Look into it. It just might be more achievable than you think. Here’s how: The typical GSC student brings a considerable amount of transfer credit. The less credit you need to earn, the less tuition you need to pay. 71% of our students qualify for financial aid We’re talking scholarship and grants—not loans. Two-thirds of our students on financial aid qualify for a Federal Pell Grant. Federal funds...
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How well do you actually understand your student loan debt?

  Another term, another gentle reminder from the friendly student accounts office to make your tuition payment or payment arrangements. For most of us, this will involve taking out a loan or two. Before you push through this paperwork, stop for a moment. Think. How well do you actually understand the implications of what you’re doing? Do you know how much you borrowed this term? Do you know how much you’ve borrowed throughout your college education? Most importantly: are you sure that you need...
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Top 10 reasons GSC is a great college for working moms

  As a working mom, you don’t have much free time. Your life is divided between career and family. A normal day starts early, ends late, and is typically full of dramas, deadlines, and an occasional commotion. Is it gratifying? You bet! Can it be a bit overwhelming? Absolutely. But, you deserve, and can have, a fulfilling family life and a career that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and an example for your kids.  If you aspire to have a thriving work-life balance, here are the...
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Q&A – The financial aid information you need to know

The relationship between students and financial aid is always complicated. Financial aid can be the game-changer that puts a college degree within your reach. But, questions and misconceptions can prevent you from understanding financial aid in its entirety. It’s a push and pull. It’s important for you to understand the intricacies of financial aid, but it's a challenging topic. The blog team sat down with financial aid to get answers to common questions. We learned about lesser-known financial...
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Is a master’s degree worth it?

For the past few years, there have been countless headlines about student loan debt, especially in New Hampshire where the state has topped lists ranking the highest levels of student debt in the country. It’s an important issue that potential students need to consider and an important issue that College’s need to respond. If undergraduate loan debt is a factor, how can you consider a master’s degree? Should you even try? Any potential graduate student needs to deeply examine if a master’s can...
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