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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Your transition from military to college made easy

Are you thinking about a new career? Or advancing your post-military career? In today's tight job market, experience alone is not enough. While there is nothing in the world like military experience, it can be hard for civilian employers to understand. A college degree shows that you’ve mastered the knowledge in your chosen field, and can help you stand out from the crowd. Added to your military discipline, training, and know-how, it can be a powerful tool to help you move forward. So, what’s...
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Master’s degrees at GSC: the origins of our on campus and online graduate programs

Regina Rockwood’s employer strongly encouraged her to further her education. Jason Smith, a director of a leading regional health care facility, wants to help his organization stay competitive and grow. Mary Young is excited to expand her professional portfolio and she finds it invigorating to be back in the classroom. It’s the classic Granite State College student story: “I need a degree to get ahead.” What makes Regina, Jason, and Mary special is that they were each pursuing their master’s...
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Reaching her fullest potential: Susan earns her teacher certification

Susan reached a point where she looked around at her life and realized something had to change. She began to examine her life with a more critcal lense.   How satisfied am I? What am I doing to contribute to my growth as a person, my community, and my family? This self-reflection was fueled by Susan's career aspirations. A marketing professional turned stay at home mom, once her kids were grown and comfortable, Susan was eager to find a new sense of purpose. I didn't want to go back into work...
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#TBT Why Our Students Love Granite State College

In 2012, Granite State College celebrated its 40th anniversary on campus and online by asking students to take a moment to share what GSC means to them—to reflect on the people, courses, and experiences that provided inspiration to achieve their goals and build a bright future. It was a compelling (and fun!) way for students to participate. The results were incredible, inspirational, and straight from the heart.  In their own words, read what our students love about GSC:   I was 36 years old...
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What do you do when the job you love slips away?

Professionally, Lauren was in a great place. She had a fulfilling job and she was committed to the organization. When a major contract was lost at work, so was Lauren’s job. With little preparation, Lauren had to design a new career trajectory. When you’re in a situation where you’re not sure what to do next, you ask yourself what’s most important to you and that’s where I started. Lauren’s professional background is comprised of experience in three primary areas: health care, military, and...
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