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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Using Social Media to Benefit Your Job Search

Do you have an online presence? A Facebook page, LinkedIn account, personal website, blog, or other social media account? It might sound strange, but not having online accounts could be hurting your job search. You could assume that having no social footprint is a better option: if there’s nothing to find, there’s nothing that can negatively impact your job search. However, this off-the-grid strategy sends an entirely different message to employers. Does this applicant lack tech skills? Do they...
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Chief Allen Credits Granite State College for Career Success

Originally from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Michael Allen joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from high school. His service led him to New Hampshire. When Michael's active duty service ended, he retired from the military and transitioned to a career with the Rochester Police Department, where he's built an impressive career in law enforcement. A decade into his career with the Rochester PD, Michael crossed paths with a former police officer from a neighboring community, who happened to work...
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Why You Need Career Services

Finding fulfillment and satisfaction in the job tasks we complete every day is a huge part of what makes our lives happy and prosperous. If we're in the wrong career path, it can have negative consequences for our wellbeing. This is why planning our career development is so important for every professional, as we spend so much of our lives working! It's critical for everyone, at every stage of their career, to take time to strategize each career move through determining interests, researching...
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10 Career Tips for #MarCom Marketing Majors

The Marketing and Communications is a field that's always evolving and there's always something new to learn. Getting your marketing degree is an excellent way to launch your career and here are a handful of tips to help you engage at a deeper level with your career path.  1. Never Stop Learning Are you the type of person who would remain a student forever if they could? Well, in the field of marketing, you can kind of get away with this. Throughout your career, you'll always have to find ways...
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6 Ways Life Improves When You Finish Your Degree

Imagine you're standing on stage receiving your degree. What an exciting moment! You put in the work, achieved your goal, and now you can reap the rewards. So…what exactly changes now that you've earned that degree? 1. Your Resume Sings We all know that receiving a diploma is a shining moment in the life of any graduate, but there are other impressive moments to come! Just imagine the first time you sit at your computer and update your resume and LinkedIn with your new degree, pertinent...
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