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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Your Graduate Capstone: An Opportunity to Make an Impact

Congratulations on starting your graduate degree program. You’ll be immersed in what matters to you and your career; advancing your capabilities and knowledge in the field. Because master’s level coursework is so focused, you’ll be asked consider and start working on your graduate capstone at the very beginning of your program. Starting early will give you the opportunity to accumulate knowledge in each course and begin applying it to your final project as you go. Your ePortfolio During your...
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7 Standout Fall College Courses!

Fall often means back-to-school and restarting routines that may have been “on vacation” over the summer. This makes fall a great time to realign your priorities and set new goals. Whether you’re applying to college or just dusting off after taking a break over the summer, nothing will energize you more than a great course. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a variety of standout fall courses that feature a little something for everyone. Fall Course Highlights MATH 544 Special Topics: Statistics...
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Summer Course Highlights: Business, Communication, Marketing, and Leadership Students

Summertime means hikes, the beach, and sunshine! It’s also a great time to move forward with the classes you need to earn your degree and keep your momentum going. In the spirit of staying motivated during the summer term, we thought we’d highlight a few courses that align with our Business Management, Communication Studies, Leadership, and Marketing majors to help you keep your focus while balancing your studies with your amazing summer plans. We took this opportunity to chat with some of our...
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Spring Courses You Can't Miss

Each term, Granite State College offers special topics courses that concentrate on the issues of the day. For spring 2018, we will offer three classes covering areas of particular interest in today’s society. Emlee C. Kohler, director of the Granite State College Undergraduate Behavioral Sciences & Human Services Programs has been part of the team bringing these special topics courses to students this term.  What makes these courses especially interesting to me is that they are based on...
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8 Project Management Courses You Can Take this Winter

If you're interested in exploring a Project Management class during the Winter Term, here's a quick summary of some of the courses being offered. PM 800 (Online, Portsmouth) Project Management Seminar Project Management Seminar is a survey course introducing project management as a profession and an academic field of study. It provides the foundation for more advanced project management courses. It serves as a pre-requisite to other courses in the degree program unless permission is granted...
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Adventure, Sun, and Island Fun: Take Summer Classes by the Sea!

If you love the connection of face-to-face classes, but have trouble fitting them into your schedule, consider taking one of our summer classes at the Isles of Shoals. These courses follow an intensive format, with the bulk of your work taking place during a  four-day, three-night stay on New Hampshire's beautiful Star Island in the Isles of Shoals. Prior to the intensive, your class will meet face-to-face at the Rochester campus. Following, most classes will have a final project that you'll...
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