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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Master’s degrees at GSC: the origins of our on campus and online graduate programs

Regina Rockwood’s employer strongly encouraged her to further her education. Jason Smith, a director of a leading regional health care facility, wants to help his organization stay competitive and grow. Mary Young is excited to expand her professional portfolio and she finds it invigorating to be back in the classroom. It’s the classic Granite State College student story: “I need a degree to get ahead.” What makes Regina, Jason, and Mary special is that they were each pursuing their master’s...
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Choosing a graduate program: what they don’t tell you

Think about purchasing a home lt’s an enormous investment and when you’re in the market, you invest a lot of yourself in that search. You chat with friends and family who have recently gone through the experience. You can do a ton of research online. You can even download apps that will show you listings that fit your exact criteria. On top of that, you can get a real estate agent who you trust and will work hard to find your dream home. Now think about enrolling for a master’s degree. It’s not...
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Is a master’s degree worth it?

For the past few years, there have been countless headlines about student loan debt, especially in New Hampshire where the state has topped lists ranking the highest levels of student debt in the country. It’s an important issue that potential students need to consider and an important issue that College’s need to respond. If undergraduate loan debt is a factor, how can you consider a master’s degree? Should you even try? Any potential graduate student needs to deeply examine if a master’s can...
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Meet Elizabeth | Milford, NH

Enhancing your leadership qualities can permeate all the other aspects of your life. Elizabeth from Milford, NH, is the perfect example. Along her journey, Elizabeth developed effective leadership practices that not only advanced her own goals, she applied what she learned to build and support leadership within her community. In the end, this gave her a rich experience that offered academic, personal, and professional fulfillment. Academic Fulfillment Elizabeth was interested in a graduate...
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