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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Associate to Bachelor’s: Finishing College in Nashua

“I want to graduate by the time I’m 25.” This was the goal that Jessica set for herself when she began college.I became a mother at the age of 16. I always knew I wanted to attend college. I didn’t think it was possible after getting pregnant at such a young age. Jessica received her associate degree in Human Services at Nashua Community College in 2011. As a human resources administrator at a non-profit organization in Nashua, the degree gave Jessica a great foundation to build her career and...
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4 myths about online learning

Nearly 20 years ago the first online courses were introduced. Ten years ago, you started to hear about people earning their entire degrees online. Today, you probably know a handful of people who are getting a degree online. Yet, there’s still an air of mystery. Even though the benefits of taking online classes are evident, some students think that there still is a catch. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions about online learning: You need to be a computer expert Online learning is about...
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8 fall courses for finishing college quickly

A few weeks ago, we shared the advantages that summer courses offer to you when you’re aiming to power through your degree program quickly. A great way to apply this momentum to the Fall term is by checking out some of our 6-week courses. What is a 6-week course? The full Fall term is 12-weeks long. However, this Fall we will feature a small selection of 6-week courses that run within the regular Fall term. This allows you to take back-to-back 6-week courses, one at a time, within the full Fall...
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Father / Fire Fighter: how taking online classes & credit for career makes the difference

Mike is a third generation fire fighter in the City of Manchester. Mid-way through his career he knew that if he wanted to ascend the ranks, getting his degree was important. He took some hands-on courses in Fire Science at a New Hampshire Community College, which were superb, but he wanted a more versatile degree. He looked into Granite State College for an individualized program that would be tailored to his goals. When my advisor learned that I was a fire fighter during our initial meeting,...
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The real benefits of taking online classes (from our online students!)

If online classes are a mystery to you, you probably have questions about what they’re are really like. Our blog team could certainly put together a fact sheet to help demystify online learning but to really get at the heart of the matter, we went directly to the source: we asked our current online students what they think. Specifically, we wanted to know: what are the benefits of taking online classes? They described what students can expect and explained that the advantages from their...
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