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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

12 Tips for Online Students

Taking an online course can offer many real benefits, but the experience can be new and different for many students. While you may not need to be in the classroom on a specific day each week, you’ll still need to manage your time well to complete assignments on time. Forum posts, assignments, quizzes, and reading will still be due at regular intervals. Use the Following Tips to Stay on Track: When you start your course, take time to completely explore Moodle, your online learning environment,...
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Time Management Tips for Busy Students

Finding your Work - Life - School balance is critical when tackling a new degree program. Whether online or in-person, getting organized and managing your time well is a skill you’ll need to be successful. Brush up on your skills with our tips below! Get Organized: Calendars and To-Do Lists For many adult learners their lives are their first priority and we wouldn’t want to see that change. However, as you do with other life commitments, it’s best to keep a schedule to understand and prioritize...
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Three Ways to Launch and Grow a Nursing Career

Today’s “average” nursing unit consists of men and women with varying education backgrounds—associate or bachelor’s degrees, as well as nursing diplomas—all of which lead to a Registered Nurse (RN) credential. Although there are multiple ways to launch a dynamic career as a RN, nearly all options for expanded job opportunities in the nursing profession require a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Let's explore the routes that working nurses take to launch and grow their careers in health...
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Gift Giving and Getting Guide for online students

The busy holiday season is currently in swing. Now that you are finished with your Fall semester finals, you have an idea of what gifts would help set you up for success during Winter term. You also have time to think about those on your holiday shopping list. Gifts for your list: USB flash drive: This makes a great gift because whe you have a dedicated flash-drive for schoolwork, it's easier to locate class files. A tablet: Tablets help reading eTextbooks and PDF handouts for your class. Apple...
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