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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

8 Project Management Courses You Can Take this Winter

If you're interested in exploring a Project Management class during the Winter Term, here's a quick summary of some of the courses being offered. PM 800 (Online, Portsmouth) Project Management Seminar Project Management Seminar is a survey course introducing project management as a profession and an academic field of study. It provides the foundation for more advanced project management courses. It serves as a pre-requisite to other courses in the degree program unless permission is granted...
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Chief Allen Credits Granite State College for Career Success

Originally from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Michael Allen joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from high school. His service led him to New Hampshire. When Michael's active duty service ended, he retired from the military and transitioned to a career with the Rochester Police Department, where he's built an impressive career in law enforcement. A decade into his career with the Rochester PD, Michael crossed paths with a former police officer from a neighboring community, who happened to work...
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Masters in Project Management earns GAC accreditation

It’s clear that we offer a stand-out masters in Project Management program by the impassioned and professional projects that our students put together. Now we have even more proof! It is with great pride that the Office of Graduate Studies announces that our Master of Science in Project Management has been awarded the GAC accreditation from the Project Management Institute (PMI). What is GAC accreditation? First, it’s important to understand that as an institution is regionally accredited by...
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What is Project Management? And What Does a Project Manager Do?

The demand for project managers is growing throughout many industries: healthcare, finance, IT, etc. It's great to know that there is a major need for project managers, but what does a project manager actually do? What does a project manager do? A project manager handles all these aspects of the project. From getting issues resolved and getting problems out of the way of the project team. They don't only focus on the goal, but the process to get to that end goal. People often confuse daily work...
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Masters in Project Management student creates Resource Guide for Veterans

In front of an audience filled with Graduate Studies faculty, alumni, loved ones, and Granite State College staff, six graduate students presented their M.S. Capstone presentations. The students represented diverse industries, including education, marketing, nonprofit, public service, and entreprenurial startups. Among these students was Grisel, who is pursuing her masters in Project Management. Grisel's capstone chronicled her experience creating a guide with community resources to help...
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Master’s degrees at GSC: the origins of our on campus and online graduate programs

Regina Rockwood’s employer strongly encouraged her to further her education. Jason Smith, a director of a leading regional health care facility, wants to help his organization stay competitive and grow. Mary Young is excited to expand her professional portfolio and she finds it invigorating to be back in the classroom. It’s the classic Granite State College student story: “I need a degree to get ahead.” What makes Regina, Jason, and Mary special is that they were each pursuing their master’s...
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