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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Adventure, Sun, and Island Fun: Take Summer Classes by the Sea!

If you love the connection of face-to-face classes, but have trouble fitting them into your schedule, consider taking one of our summer classes at the Isles of Shoals. These courses follow an intensive format, with the bulk of your work taking place during a  four-day, three-night stay on New Hampshire's beautiful Star Island in the Isles of Shoals. Prior to the intensive, your class will meet face-to-face at the Rochester campus. Following, most classes will have a final project that you'll...
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Finish college quicker with our 6-week courses

It's a classic struggle... Do I take one course next term so I don't get too overwhelmed?   or Do I take multiple courses so I can finish my degree ASAP? Taking courses one at a time helps a lot of busy, working students find great work/life balance. When you're investing a lot in your education, you want to do well. Why overextend yourself and risk falling short? There is a downside to this approach, and it's an important one. When you take one course per term, finishing college can take a...
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8 fall courses for finishing college quickly

A few weeks ago, we shared the advantages that summer courses offer to you when you’re aiming to power through your degree program quickly. A great way to apply this momentum to the Fall term is by checking out some of our 6-week courses. What is a 6-week course? The full Fall term is 12-weeks long. However, this Fall we will feature a small selection of 6-week courses that run within the regular Fall term. This allows you to take back-to-back 6-week courses, one at a time, within the full Fall...
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The real benefits of taking online classes (from our online students!)

If online classes are a mystery to you, you probably have questions about what they’re are really like. Our blog team could certainly put together a fact sheet to help demystify online learning but to really get at the heart of the matter, we went directly to the source: we asked our current online students what they think. Specifically, we wanted to know: what are the benefits of taking online classes? They described what students can expect and explained that the advantages from their...
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Meet Elizabeth | Milford, NH

Enhancing your leadership qualities can permeate all the other aspects of your life. Elizabeth from Milford, NH, is the perfect example. Along her journey, Elizabeth developed effective leadership practices that not only advanced her own goals, she applied what she learned to build and support leadership within her community. In the end, this gave her a rich experience that offered academic, personal, and professional fulfillment. Academic Fulfillment Elizabeth was interested in a graduate...
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Reaching her fullest potential: Susan earns her teacher certification

Susan reached a point where she looked around at her life and realized something had to change. She began to examine her life with a more critcal lense.   How satisfied am I? What am I doing to contribute to my growth as a person, my community, and my family? This self-reflection was fueled by Susan's career aspirations. A marketing professional turned stay at home mom, once her kids were grown and comfortable, Susan was eager to find a new sense of purpose. I didn't want to go back into work...
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