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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Going back to college? What you should know about our faculty

We call our instructors faculty. Our students often refer to them as mentors. As a student, the faculty will understand your goals, challenge you in the classroom, celebrate your milestones, and support you if you encounter any challenges during your experience. But who are they, really? Our experienced faculty are also business leaders and practitioners in their fields.There are three qualities that make a great instructor: Textbook + Tactics. We want our faculty to know the material you're...
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Family Fun in New Hampshire: Making Time for You

We’re hitting peak foliage season and all around us there’s no lack of options for family fun in New Hampshire. But the weekends are your peak time for marathon homework sessions. Adult students have a lot on their plates - balancing work, family, and school work. When the weather's just right and there's fall fun all around you, you can really feel the pressure. Making time for yourself and your family is important, too! There are plenty of activities that can fit in to even the busiest of...
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Top 10 reasons GSC is a great college for working moms

  As a working mom, you don’t have much free time. Your life is divided between career and family. A normal day starts early, ends late, and is typically full of dramas, deadlines, and an occasional commotion. Is it gratifying? You bet! Can it be a bit overwhelming? Absolutely. But, you deserve, and can have, a fulfilling family life and a career that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and an example for your kids.  If you aspire to have a thriving work-life balance, here are the...
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