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8 fall courses for finishing college quickly

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A few weeks ago, we shared the advantages that summer courses offer to you when you’re aiming to power through your degree program quickly.

A great way to apply this momentum to the Fall term is by checking out some of our 6-week courses.

What is a 6-week course?

The full Fall term is 12-weeks long. However, this Fall we will feature a small selection of 6-week courses that run within the regular Fall term. This allows you to take back-to-back 6-week courses, one at a time, within the full Fall term.

What are the benefits?

Taking two classes per term can be tough if you have a busy schedule, but it’s absolutely necessary if you have an ambitious timeline for finishing your degree.

The 6-week classes make this do-able.

Instead of balancing two classes with different week-to-week expectations, you can put all of your attention into just one course at a time. Applying your full-focus into just one course can help you in several ways:

Staying organized

Have you ever mixed up the course requirements when taking multiple courses… Maybe one instructor wants you to post to Moodle twice a week, and the other requires three posts? We’re human. We make mistakes, but boy does it make you feel small when you've made a mix up! One benefit of the 6-week courses is that there’s just one syllabus for you to consult. It minimizes the risk for confusing your requirements and allows you stay organized.

Staying engaged

No matter what, college is a huge investment and you want to get the most out of your experience. If you’re stretched thin and you’re putting everything you got into just complete your assignments each week, you might notice that you’re losing out on that ever-so-import reflection time.

You want the opportunity to connect with the subject matter on a deeper level and get the most out of your learning experience. That’s why you’re here.

When you enroll in two 6-week courses, you gain the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the course topic. You can take your learning to a whole new level!

What courses are you offering as 6-week courses?

Great question! What we have done is schedule courses in four of GSC’s most popular areas: Psychology, Management, and Healthcare. We also feature a pairing of General Education requirements in the 6-week courses.

First Half of the Term

September 7 – October 16, 2015

Second Half of the Term

October 19 – December 4, 2015

Comm 542 (Gen Ed)
Interpersonal Communication & Group Dynamics
CRN: 10211
Instructor:  Julie Ann Zink

SCI 502  (Gen Ed)
Nutrition Concept/Controversies
CRN: 10281
Instructor:  Amy Wilmarth Tuller

PSY 501 (Psychology) 
Introduction to Psychology
CRN: 10273
Instructor:  Heather L Geoffroy

PSY 509  (Psychology) 
Human Development
CRN: 10275
Instructor:  Heather L Geoffroy

ECO 600  (Management)
International Economics
CRN: 10222
Instructor: Mark Gregory Friedman

MGMT 629  (Management)
Global Marketing
CRN: 10262
Instructor:  Carol Kilmister

HLTC 637  (Health care)
Health Information Systems
CRN: 10240
Instructor: Michael Patrick McGowan
HLTC 629  (Health care)
Law & Ethics for Health Care & Human Services
CRN: 10238
Instructor:  Michael J Zaino

We are thrilled to offer you another option for finishing college quickly through Granite State College!

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