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Alumni Update: Lisa shows qualities of a school leader


When Lisa Wedge, a Title One Reading Aide at Josiah Bartlett School, needed extra resources to support a new reader’s workshop, one of the first calls she made was to her alma mater Granite State College.

LisaOver the summer, the teachers got together and started to brainstorm what we can do to make sure our students could easily organize their reader’s orkshop materials. We thought about backpacks, but that’s not realistic with school budgets. Because I have been involved with Granite State College, I called and said we have these great kids doing great things and are enjoying reading. I am so thankful everyone at Granite State came through to help our kids.

These backpacks will help the students keep all of their reader’s workshop materials accessible to them; not in different bins, cubbies, or shelves around the classroom.

Today, we are celebrating the reading and writing you guys are accomplishing! Granite State College was kind enough to donate book bags because we all love that all of you are enjoying reading books.

Lisa finished her Associate in Early Childhood Education and took some time off to raise her son. She went back and completed her B.S. in Behavioral Science. Lisa started out in early childhood education at HeadStart as an assistant teacher. She stayed there for 14 years going from an assistant teacher to a family support specialist and then as a manager.

She decided it was time to add more education under her tool belt. She is currently working towards her post baccalaureate teacher certification in general special education and reading and writing. She plans on continuing with Granite State to earn an additional teacher certification in order to become a reading and writing specialist.

Her advisor, Nancee Caughey, was at the presentation of the backpacks. When Lisa met with her advisor years ago for the first time she was nervous. She thought she could never be a successful college student because she was a new mom who had to work.

Nancee sat with Lisa, gave her a hug, and said that it was great to see her develop into the strong, professional woman she is today. Nancee held Lisa’s hand and said that it was wonderful to see Lisa excited about her work, doing what she loves, and involving the community to help the kids at Joshia Bartlet Middle School. Lisa thanked Nancee for being there for her in both an academic and personal sense. She continued to thank Granite State for acknowledging the hard work her middle school students are doing by providing them with materials to succeed.

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