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Masters in Project Management student creates Resource Guide for Veterans


In front of an audience filled with Graduate Studies faculty, alumni, loved ones, and Granite State College staff, six graduate students presented their M.S. Capstone presentations.

The students represented diverse industries, including education, marketing, nonprofit, public service, and entrepreneurial startups. Among these students was Grisel, who is pursuing her masters in Project Management. Grisel's capstone chronicled her experience creating a guide with community resources to help Service Members, Veterans, and their families.

Her presentation was impressive, so the blog team was inspired to share her story.

The Beginning

At first glance, Grisel’s student journey seems quite traditional. She earned a bachelor’s degree, took on new career opportunities, and eventually worked her way up the ladder, landing a position as a general manager at a chain of retail clothing stores. On the side, she offered consultant services for small businesses to keep her skills sharp and broaden her experience. Eventually, Grisel moved from Venezuela to New Hampshire where she now lives with her husband. With a solid foundation and a strong resume, she knew that she would be presented with the challenge of learning a new language and leveraging her experience to U.S. industry and commerce.

I knew that I wanted to get a master’s degree when I moved here from Venezuela. I thought it would be a good and positive challenge.

Grisel started out taking online courses. This environment allowed her to build confidence.

Being from another country, I was scared that I would feel out of place but you can have a different background at Granite State College. What I find is that people respect these differences and it’s something that they encourage me to express.

Through online courses, Grisel quickly saw that the differences she brought to the classroom were actually strengths that fellow students and the faculty embraced.

Connecting Coursework to Career

Grisel currently works at Easter Seals NH, specifically the Department of Veterans services. The department works with a group of Care Coordinators who are in charge of taking care of the needs of Service Members, Veterans, and their families. They offer psychological aid and connect their clients with the different resources that are available in the community, such as financial assistance, educational grants, food banks, and more.

There are hundreds of resources that the Care Coordinators recommend, and it can be challenging to quickly access each organization's name, point of contact, and phone number.

Grisel saw an opportunity:  What if all of these resources were digital? What if it was categorized in a user-friendly manner so clients could use it, too?

She shared her idea and it was quickly embraced by the organization! Grisel took on the project, which became the focus of her capstone work.


The Results

After months of research and organizing, the Resource Guide Project reached completion. It is over 300 pages and has been revered by leadership at Easter Seals as one of the most comprehensive resources in New Hampshire.

Grisel has conducted training with her colleagues on how to use the guide. Outside organizations have also asked to use the guide since it's such a helpful resource.

If you have an idea, even if it's something simple, if it's tackling a need that's not being met, it can have an impact.

Congratulations to Grisel and her classmates for an amazing round of M.S. Capstone presentations!

We wish you all the best!


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