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7 Standout Fall College Courses!

Fall Courses

Fall often means back-to-school and restarting routines that may have been “on vacation” over the summer. This makes fall a great time to realign your priorities and set new goals. Whether you’re applying to college or just dusting off after taking a break over the summer, nothing will energize you more than a great course.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered a variety of standout fall courses that feature a little something for everyone.

Fall Course Highlights

MATH 544 Special Topics: Statistics and Fantasy Sports | Online

Have you been putting off taking your required statistics course? Consider this: In today’s data-driven workplace, a good understanding of statistical concepts can mean the difference between a sound decision for an organization and a financial disaster. Gain this important knowledge and have some fun at the same time by taking Statistics and Fantasy Sports. This course uses sports data, specifically football, to teach the theory and analysis of fundamental statistical principles.

This course is equivalent to MATH 504 Statistics. Any degree requirement for MATH 504 can be met with MATH 544 Special Topics: Statistics and Fantasy Sports.

HLTC 800 Health Care Delivery and Innovations | Online


Health care is one of our largest, multifaceted, and far reaching industries. Understanding the complexities of how health care delivery systems provide quality care, while also balancing cost and meeting patient needs, is important for anyone looking to enter or advance to a management position in this field. Recent innovations in technology, data, and research are helping organizations provide increasingly patient-centered care, while streamlining operations to combat issues of access and rising costs.

This course will help you understand the political, legal, economic and fiscal components that impact these systems.

PSY 502 Social Psychology | Online

We’re social creatures, so the way we think, feel, and behave with one another is critical for every aspect of our lives, from our careers, to our social circle, to helping others. Who we spend our time with has a huge impact on our individual behavior and can shape our attitudes, prejudices, friendships, romantic relationships, and more.

This course will help you learn how we influence and are influenced by our social environment.


COMM 602 Media and Strategic Communication | Online

Strategically creating a master plan for communications can help businesses deliver the right message at the right time. In our digital age, there are even more ways to communicate with customers, so professionalism, efficient coordination, and consistency in messaging and delivery can make the difference between attracting customers and pushing them away.

In this course you’ll explore the impact of public relations, media outreach, marketing and branding, and leadership communication on internal and external audiences.


CMPL 612 Advanced Software Tools | Online

 Almost all industries require some level of technological skill. Enhancing your tech skills through a more in-depth understanding of advanced features of productivity software and databases can help you stand out in the marketplace.

This course will give you hands-on experience with sophisticated application concepts. Proficiency in MS Excel is necessary for this course.


POL 544 Special Topics: Right to Privacy: Does it Still Exist? | Online

As we enter an increasingly interconnected digital age, balancing privacy while still connecting with our community can be a concern. How can we protect our privacy in a world that seems to have moved away from the idea with social sharing and readily available personal data?

This course will explore privacy concerns ranging from the technical, ethical, personal, and business perspective to understanding the restrictions, sensitivities, and opportunities for protecting privacy.


EDU 544 Special Topics: Special Behavior Guidance in Early Childhood Education | Online

Supporting the development of young children includes teaching them how to interact with others in positive ways, particularly as their world begins to expand to include other children, adults, and caregivers. Encouraging children with these guiding principles can help them modify and control their behavior in healthy ways which will have a positive effect as they develop through early childhood. This bachelor’s-level course will offer insight into behavior as a developmental process.


Just a Reminder:

Don't forget to check with your advisor before signing up for any classes to ensure that they meet your academic program requirements.

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