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Documentary Spotlights Master of Science in Leadership Student

Peter Nhiany about his Documentary

Surrounded by his family, friends, and co-workers, Peter Nhiany watched “Going Back Home”, the documentary film about his journey from Sudan to New Hampshire. The film highlighted the man everyone in attendance describe as always having a smile, willing to help, and being an inspiration.

Peter grew up in South Sudan during a time of war, and is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. The Lost Boys are a group of children that were displaced as a result of the Second Sudanese Civil War from 1983-2005. When Peter had the opportunity come to the U.S. as a refugee through a Sudanese Lost Boys program, he pursued his goal of getting his education.

Peter settled into his new hometown of Manchester, NH in 2001, and sought out an intermediate English class for Refugees. His instructor quickly recognized his mastery of the English language and took Peter aside to tell him that he doesn’t need English as a Second Language classes—he belongs in college.

As a student, Peter was ambitious and earned his Associate degree in Behavioral Science and a B.S. in Business Management at Granite State. He juggles both a full-time academic and work schedule.

Peter talked about the importance of education during the question and answer part of the event. As the Second Sudanese Civil War persisted, parents began to question why the central government did not want their children to go to school. Peter said that South Sudan would only grow as a country through education and not violence.

“After realizing the importance of education, I began helping others back in South Sudan to be educated. It is rewarding to have the opportunity to be able to help others achieve their educational dream. While I was juggling school, work, and family, I managed to sponsor three gentlemen through high school and two years of College in South Sudan.”

Peter Nhiany’s journey started with education, and it continues today. He is now a graduate student pursuing the Master of Science in Leadership at Granite State. He serves as an inspiration to faculty, students, and his community back in South Sudan. Granite State is proud to be part of his journey and honored to have him as a student.


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