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Class of 2017: #GraniteGrad Memories

2017 grads

On June 11, we proudly celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2017 at Granite State College.

Associate, bachelor's, and master's degree candidates each got their chance to cross the stage, pose for a photo, and shake hands with Mark Rubinstein, our President. Meanwhile, loved ones applauded their #granitegrad with cheers of "that's my mom!" proudly exclaimed from audience.

In the spirit of our mission, we took time to recognize these family members and friends for the important role they play supporting our graduates. Kelsey MacMillan delivered remarks on behalf of the Class of 2017 that illustrated this journey, leaving the audience inspired.

Whether you missed out on the big day or just want to relive your favorite moments, please enjoy a few of our favorite memories!!

Class of 2017 Sisters
Before the ceremony began, we got the chance to meet Charlene and Chrissie: sisters who just happened to be graduating on the same day. They each gave credit to their older sister, who also finished her degree as an adult student, for inspiring them to get started.

Two sisters graduate together at the 2017 Commencement ceremony at Granite State College


Processing into the Ceremony
More than 200 graduates participated in Commencement and more than 500 students finished a degree within the 2016-2017 academic year.

Members of the Class of 2017 process into the graduation ceremony


Honor Cords
Graduates who earned academic honors wore gold or bronze cords as a symbol of their achievement. Those inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society were distinguished with maroon and gold cords and graduates who have served our country had red, white, and blue cords as a symbol of their service.

Graduates wearing honor cords smile for the camera


Decorated Caps
What better way to show your style and celebrate your day by decorating your cap! Here's just one example of the creativity shown by our graduates!

A decorated graduate cap


Honorary Doctorate: Sarah Currier, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
In keeping with tradition, each Granite State College awards an honorary doctorate degree to a respected leader who has made significant contributions to his or her community. Sarah Currier, Director of Workforce Development at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, was this years recipient.

Sarah Currier receives an Honorary Doctorate from Granite State College at the 2017 Commencement Ceremony.


Inspiring Words
After receiving her degree, Currier shared four attributes that drive a successful career, inspiring our graduates and providing a few laughs along the way:
(1) Don't be afraid to use your network.
(2) Dream big and set goals.
(3) Embrace the process of achieving your goals.
(4) Take calculated risks.

Graduates listening to the advice of Honorary Doctorate, Sarah Currier


Greetings from the Graduates: Kelsey MacMillan

Kelsey MacMillan, Conway-area resident who earned the M.S. in Leadership, delivered remarks on behalf of the Class of 2017. She shared her journey: working a full-time job, being a good wife, raising two boys, staying healthy, and finding the time for graduate school.

Kelsey MacMillan delivering remarks on behalf of the Class of 2017


Finding Inspiration

MacMillan's journey was one each and every #granitegrad could relate to on a personal-level. MacMillan compared this process to having her cake and eating it, too, and used an analogy of her favorite dessert as way of sharing the "recipe."

Graduates applauding the student speaker after her remarks


Moving those Tassels
The energy in the room when President Mark Rubinstein asked the undergraduates in the Class of 2017 to move those tassels from from right to left was contagious. Seeing the look of pride on the graduates' faces was certainly a highlight of the day!

Graduate moving her tassel from right to left


Grads Greeting their Loved Ones
As the ceremony ended, the graduates couldn't wait to catch eyes with their loved ones and begin their celebration!

Graduate smiling as the ceremony ends


Hugs and High Fives
As family members and graduates met up after the ceremony, the lobby of the venue was filled with hugs and high fives!

Graduate hugging a young child


Congratulations, Class of 2017!
This #granitegrad proudly proclaimed "I did it!" on the back of her cap. We are so proud to have played a role in your achievement and can't wait to hear about the places you'll go as an alum of Granite State College!

A graduate's decorated cap that reads "I did it!"


Looking for other photos? Three ways to find more!

1) Live Streamed Video

Visit granite.edu/granitegrad! Here you'll find a video of the ceremony as well as photos that were posted to social media during the ceremony.

2) Posed Portraits on Stage or in Front of the Granite State Back Drop

The photos captured as graduates crossed the stage and were greeted by the College President are available for purchase from Archber Studies. There are some additional shots of graduates who chose to pose in front of the Granite State College banner prior to the ceremony.

  • Visit the Archber Studios website
  • Use the Event Password: 2017
  • Enter Your Name
  • Provide Your Email Address
  • Voila!

3) Like Us on Facebook

The candid photos taken of graduates and the audience were taken by the College and will be available for free on Facebook in the coming weeks.


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