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Inside our Master of Science in Leadership: Faculty and Winter classes


Remember when it was normal to work in the same job for 20+ years? That just isn’t our reality today.

When you don’t plant roots at an organization for the long-term, sometimes it can be challenging to emerge as the leader that you want to be. This is just one reason why a master of science in leadership is valuable.

By learning about organizational relationships, leadership models, project management, and change management, you’ll be able to serve as a leader wherever you land.

What Mark Jewell, an instructor in our master of science in leadership program, wants his students to take away from his courses is the ability to view the world through a different.

I challenge them to look at how they interact with others, not only in their personal lives but their professional lives, and realize that their perspective is but just one perspective.

Mark enjoys teaching at Granite State and is continually impressed by the diversity in the classroom.

Each student brings different expectations as far as what they want to get out of the program. Some are here because they are interested in expanding their careers and others are here to augment what they’re already doing.


If you’re interested in exploring a Leadership class this Winter term, here’s a quick summary of some of the courses being offered.

LD 820 (Online, Concord)
Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities
In this course the student is introduced a variety of unique perspectives about leadership, which will be drawn from different traditions in the literature and from which the student will select to develop his or her own model of leadership.

LD 821 (Online, Concord)
Ethical Decision-Making
The course will focus on the conflicts which arise when an individual's ethics are counter to the organization's practices.

LD 822 (Online, Portsmouth)
Maximizing Your Organization's Potential
This course will focus on the choices that are important for cultivating and sustaining an effective and efficient organization.

LD 823 (Online)
Emergence of a Strategic Leader
This course will focus on the strategy making process. Strategic leaders must consider multiple aspects when developing a strategic approach.

LD 830 (Online)
Leading Public and Non-Profit Organizations
This course examines the diverse political, economic and social contexts of how to lead in Public and Non-Profit Organizations.

LD 850 (Online, Concord)
Leadership Integrative Capstone
Students during the capstone experience will form e-learning teams of approximately 6-9 participants who will contract to support each other in their workplace project activity. Learning teams members, often assisted by a facilitator or coach, help each other make sense of their action learning project experiences in light of relevant theory.
This integrative course is the final course in the Master of Science in Leadership. All other required coursework must have been completed prior to receiving approval to register for this course.


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