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Interested in becoming a teacher? Learn how one graduate is making a difference in Coos county


Have you ever asked a teacher why they chose a career in education? In their explanation, they’re sure to exude passion for their work. Even if you know that teaching isn’t for you, hearing a teacher’s answer will often have you feeling inspired.

Teach.org did a great job at bottling this energy when they put together a blog of their top "7 Reasons Why Becoming a Teacher is Awesome:"

  1. Be a leader kids can look up to
  2. Give kids the skills they need to compete in a challenging global market
  3. Create new and innovative lesson plans
  4. Become an expert in your subject
  5. Be the most important person to many families
  6. Fulfill your true calling
  7. Shape our future

There’s a strong common thread here. Becoming a teacher is all about making a difference.

Granite State College has the opportunity to be a small part of a teacher’s journey. It’s something that means a lot to the institution.

The facts and figures show that our education students are working in almost every single school district in the state. A recent report announced that teachers from our programs have an 85% hire rate in New Hampshire.

This is incredible reach that makes GSC proud, but there’s just something different and powerful when you see this impact in action.

This is how we felt when alumna Sue Cloutier was in the news for being Named Recipient of the Sylvia Evans Award. Cloutier received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Granite State College.

"I have been working with young children since before mine were even born and I continue to do it because I know that child care providers do the most important job in the world," Cloutier said.

"We have both the responsibility and the ability to influence children's entire lives. We are helping to raise the future leaders of our community. Every day in the field of early childhood education there is a new adventure. That is what captured my interest early on and what has kept me in the field for over 30 years," she said.

Cloutier emerged as the 2015 honoree for building a true legacy in her community. In her career as a teacher, she has served a leadership role and at the Gorham Community Learning Center and the Early Childhood Education Center at White Mountains Community Center.

Becoming a teacher is all about making a difference, just as Sue Cloutier has demonstrated. Congrats, Sue! We hope your story inspires others!


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For our current and future teachers, what reasons inspire you to pursue this career?

Thank you to the Berlin Daily Sun's Barbara Tetreault for covering Sue Cloutier’s accomplishments!