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Military Friendly Online Colleges: Your Pathway from the Military to a Great Career

Military Career PathwayYou served your country with distinction, and now it’s time to excel in the workplace. Even though you are highly-trained and tactical, making the jump to a job outside of the military can seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

There are two things to remember when thinking about your future. One is that you already have many of the qualities employers want on their teams. The second is that you need to combine those qualities with a solid educational background to improve your chances of getting a great job.

So, what makes you a catch in the job market, and what’s the pathway from the military to a civilian career?

Unbeatable Experience

Your military background has prepared you for a brilliant career. There are few people who possess the broad, global perspective that your service has embedded in you. You bring a rich knowledge of the world to the table and experience has taught you the importance of diversity.

Modeling Success

Experience has taught you to be intensely mission-driven, with a strong sense of personal responsibility. You know your goal and can accomplish it with minimal supervision and with grace under pressure. Your background tells you that how you accomplish a project is as important as finishing it, so you know the importance of meeting, if not beating, deadlines, and of presenting yourself with a certain professional sheen.

Leading by Example

You understand leadership. You have been challenged by some of this country’s most talented leaders and have learned from their example. Having the ability to bring that sense to the workplace makes you highly sought-after in today’s job market. As Joe Hannon ’12, veteran and Granite State College advisor shares:

There’s a difference between a “leader” and a “supervisor.” A leader provides more than just supervision, and in the military, you have to be a good leader. You have been taught to care for your subordinates on every level and help them to become leaders, too. Basically, the military is a sort of “leadership factory.”

Education: The Next Step

With all you have going for you, the next step is to explore a subject that interests you for a possible career. Thanks to programs that benefit active duty servicemembers and veterans, such as the GI Bill®, earning your bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree, is also a smart financial move.

You might even be eligible for a significant head-start toward graduation at Granite State. We look closely at your experience and offer you the maximum number of credits toward graduation based on your military career.

In the end, it’s all about finding an accredited school with the programs that interest you, the schedule that fits (including convenient online course options), and engaged and talented faculty and staff to guide you. With all that in place, the next step is to make your already remarkable achievements pay off with a long-term career.

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