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Introducing Our Military Referral Program

Military Refer a Friend

There’s a level of trust between servicemembers and veterans that goes unmatched. After serving alongside each other, you’ve got each other’s back. So, when you need encouragement to take that next step – whether it’s a new direction in your life, or something simple like a recommendation for a trustworthy mechanic – suggestions from fellow servicemembers go far.

We see this at Granite State College, where 1 in 7 students is military-affiliated. There’s power in student-to-student word-of-mouth. We want to encourage that conversation.

This term, we’re introducing our new Military Referral Program, which will make it even easier for servicemembers and veteran students at Granite State to encourage others to earn a degree.

Here’s how it works:

  • Refer another veteran or servicemember to Granite State using our referral form
  • We’ll send a simple, friendly email encouraging them to consider Granite State College on your behalf
  • As a THANK YOU for being a military ambassador, we’ll send you a free T-shirt with an important message (more on that later)
  • If your friend enrolls, we’ll waive your registration fee for the following term

About Our Military Ambassador T-Shirts

Military Ambassador Student T-Shirts at Granite State College

When it came time to design these, we wanted to make sure the shirts carried an important message. We know how valuable your recommendation is and the shirts will show that, too, by identifying you as an official Granite State College Military Ambassador. Each T-shirt is made in the U.S.A. and printed by a local company in New Hampshire, Military Shirts, owned and operated by Granite State student, Rich Hillard ’18. Rich is also one of our Military Ambassadors, and a former U.S. Air Force pararescueman. His company strives to hire veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian life and gives back 10% of all sales to nonprofit organizations related to the military experience.

Join Rich and others who help people like you open career pathways through education. Become a Granite State military ambassador.

Know a servicemember or veteran who'd be a great fit at Granite State? Refer a friend!