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Spring Courses You Can't Miss

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Each term, Granite State College offers special topics courses that concentrate on the issues of the day. For spring 2018, we will offer three classes covering areas of particular interest in today’s society.

Emlee C. Kohler, director of the Granite State College Undergraduate Behavioral Sciences & Human Services Programs has been part of the team bringing these special topics courses to students this term. 

What makes these courses especially interesting to me is that they are based on subjects that affect each of us. The topics are taken right from today’s headlines and our students will have a chance to bring their awareness to the discussion.

Spring 2018 Special Topics Courses

Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Gender (BEHS 544)
There is nothing more personal than how we define and consider sex, sexual orientation, and gender. While these are very personal matters for individuals, they are affected by broader societal and cultural perceptions, and these norms are always shifting. (Online)

Addictions & Behavior (SCI 644)
New Hampshire, and much of the country, is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Thousands of individuals have died as a result of drug abuse, including misuse of prescription medications. But why is one person likely to become addicted, and another isn’t? Discover the biological factors that lead to addiction in this fascinating course.
(Nashua-hybrid format)

Essentials of Exercise Science (SCI 544)
The human body reacts differently from person to person. Some of us are perpetually dieting and exercising but still gain weight, while others don’t sweat the calories, don’t exercise, and yet stay rail-thin. How our bodies respond to rest and activity comes down to genetics and chemistry. Learn more about the biological factors that affect how we look and feel.

Just a reminder:
Don't forget to check with your advisor before signing up for any classes to ensure that they meet your academic program requirements.

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