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Summer Course Highlights: Business, Communication, Marketing, and Leadership Students


Summertime means hikes, the beach, and sunshine! It’s also a great time to move forward with the classes you need to earn your degree and keep your momentum going. In the spirit of staying motivated during the summer term, we thought we’d highlight a few courses that align with our Business Management, Communication Studies, Leadership, and Marketing majors to help you keep your focus while balancing your studies with your amazing summer plans.

We took this opportunity to chat with some of our in-house experts to get their take on these four classes.  

Summer 2018 Course Highlights

Principles of Marketing (MGMT 514)
Bachelor’s Degree-Level Course

This course is the stepping stone toward becoming a successful marketer. In fact, it’s no surprise that it is the prerequisite to eleven other courses, including classes in our Communication Studies, Service and Hospitality Management, Business Management, and Marketing programs. This is the course in which you will start putting the pieces together that lead you on to your degree and a successful career. Principles of Marketing will provide you with the starting point to learn the terminology, philosophy, and public policy that directly affect how marketers do their jobs. 

This course is a prerequisite for: COMM 602, HMGT 600, HMGT 601, HMGT 602, HMGT 603, MGMT 615, MKTG 618, MGMT 629, MKTG 515, MKTG 616, MKTG 617

Online (6 week)

Persuasive Communication (COMM 540)
Bachelor’s Degree-Level Course

Persuasion is at the core of everything that happens in the modern business world, but did you know how difficult it is to do well? “Convincing people of something requires a lot of thought,” said Tyler Wentland, advisor. “First, you need just the right combination of words, presentational style, and sometimes images, to get an audience to understand your viewpoint. The next part is getting them to agree with you!”

In this class, you will discover the best ways to present a persuasive argument, making you a more active and successful communicator.

This course is a prerequisite for: COMM 601, MGMT 620

Online (6 week), Portsmouth/Blended (6 week)

Special Topics: Managing Your Digital Footprint (COMM 544)
Bachelor’s Degree-Level Course

Have you ever Googled yourself and been surprised by the results? The recent Congressional hearings related to Facebook have given a lot of people concern about how much of their personal information is readily available to the outside world. This timely course will help you find the best ways to control your messages to the world and promote yourself and your ideas in a responsible and meaningful way online.


Maximizing Your Organization's Potential (LD 822)
Master’s Degree-Level Course

How do you take your organization and push it to the next level without losing the things that made you successful to begin with? “Leading a company is fraught with difficulties, ranging from policy differences among executives to maintaining a happy, engaged, and successful workforce,” said Kathy DesRoches, program director for the M.S. in Leadership program. Defining the factors that drove your team to succeed and nurturing them are two of the keys to creating a healthy organizational identity. This class will give you the tools to develop and coach leaders, so your organization will succeed in the long-term.

Online, Portsmouth/Hybrid

Just a reminder:
Don't forget to check with your advisor before signing up for any classes to ensure that they meet your academic program requirements.

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