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Granite State Helps Kayt Pursue Her Dream of Becoming a Teacher

Kayt and student

In our student community, there are some inspirational students with ambitious goals.

Kayt, an aspiring teacher, is one of these individuals.

Forced to drop out of high school due to a serious illness, Kayt completed high school independently and began college as an adult student.

By the time I was ready to start my degree, I was already in my 20s and it took me a long time to gain the confidence to start college.
I looked at most of the options in New Hampshire. When I saw Granite State College, it was the most affordable but it was also the most accessible for me. I knew I couldn’t go to a college where I had to be in class every day, all day. I needed to work. I needed to be in the real world because I lived on my own and supported myself.

Even after Granite State College emerged as Kayt’s top choice, beginning the process wasn’t so simple.

I was terrified. Even after I had determined that Granite State was the best place for me, I still had trouble taking the next step. One of my biggest fears was college math. I'm dyslexic and struggled with Math in the past. It was the only course that I ever failed in high school.

Upon meeting with an Academic Coach, Kayt learned that the fears she carried with her were all challenges that she could handle.

My Advisor organized a workshop for myself and a few other students to study for the Accuplacer test. With a passing score, this would allow me to have to take just one math course instead of two, which was ideal. She really made it happen for me.

In 2014, Kayt graduated with a bachelor's degree with teacher certification and will pursue a career as an elementary school teacher.

I want others who are considering Granite State to know how easy it is to start. If you work hard and you show that you're determined, every single person you encounter at the College is going to help you. That’s been my experience.

The illness that caused Kayt to drop out of high school still plays a role in her life and has affected her as a student at Granite State College.

I have SLE lupus, which is the most severe kind you can have. I even had to withdraw one term because of it. I am even able to accomplish everything even struggling with that disease, which often times is debilitating.
There’s really no reason to fear whatever roadblocks are standing in your way. At Granite State, it really comes down to how encouraging the professors are and how flexible the college is: they are here to support you when you're ready!

With her degree and teacher certification, Kayt is off in the "real world" growing her career in education!

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