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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Building a Health Care Career: Rob Pursues a Healthcare Masters Online

An Emerging 21st Century Health Care Leader As society’s health care needs grow, pressure is put on the workforce to keep pace. Today, there are one million more openings for health care positions than there are qualified employees. This gap challenges managers and practitioners across health care organizations to be more resourceful and innovative. It’s changing how the health care field approaches operations and patient care and in turn, it’s calling for a new brand of 21st century leaders to...
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Online Nursing Degrees for Working Nurses

For nurses already in the workforce, pursuing further education online has become a great way to advance their careers affordably and with the flexible scheduling they need. While there are many different types of online degrees, there are three options in particular for working nurses: 1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2. Master of Science in Nursing 3. Doctor of Nursing Practice Below, we’ll walk you through these three degrees, explain how they differ, and show how they can lead into each...
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Healthcare Degrees: 5 Career Paths for Pursuing Your Future

Health care is the fastest growing occupational group in the U.S. with a projected growth rate of 18 percent between 2016 and 2026. The reason? Because there’s a real, rising need in this sector for specially trained individuals as baby boomers, America’s largest generation, age and face more medical issues. But there are a lot of different roles that need to be filled. Below, we've compiled a list of five such career paths in the healthcare industry, along with the types of healthcare degrees...
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A Closer Look at the Origins of our On Campus and Online Master's Degrees

Shelia's employer strongly encouraged her to further her education to strengthen as a manager. Rob Fishwick, a respiratory therapist at a local hospital, wants to be part of the solution to the complex, evolving issues surrounding health care. Elizabeth Lathrop was excited to expand her professional portfolio and she found it invigorating to be back in the classroom. It’s the classic Granite State College student story: “I need a degree to get ahead.” What makes Shelia, Rob, and Elizabeth...
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