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Stories and advice to help you start or finish your degree

Military Friendly Online Colleges: Your Pathway from the Military to a Great Career

You served your country with distinction, and now it’s time to excel in the workplace. Even though you are highly-trained and tactical, making the jump to a job outside of the military can seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. There are two things to remember when thinking about your future. One is that you already have many of the qualities employers want on their teams. The second is that you need to combine those qualities with a solid educational background to improve your chances...
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Introducing Our Military Referral Program

There’s a level of trust between servicemembers and veterans that goes unmatched. After serving alongside each other, you’ve got each other’s back. So, when you need encouragement to take that next step – whether it’s a new direction in your life, or something simple like a recommendation for a trustworthy mechanic – suggestions from fellow servicemembers go far. We see this at Granite State College, where 1 in 7 students is military-affiliated. There’s power in student-to-student...
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Veteran Makes the Most of His NH National Guard Tuition Benefit

Derek Reiss (B.S. Communication Studies, 2019), will soon join hundreds of other veterans or active duty military personnel and become a graduate of Granite State College—and he did it tuition-free. The thrice-deployed Marine saw action in Iraq three times between 2003 and 2005, including the first battle of Fallujah in 2004. Since then, Derek has served in the National Guard and now works in Human Resources in the Guard’s Recruit Training Company in Center Strafford, New Hampshire. His...
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Chief Allen Credits Granite State College for Career Success

Originally from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Michael Allen joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from high school. His service led him to New Hampshire. When Michael's active duty service ended, he retired from the military and transitioned to a career with the Rochester Police Department, where he's built an impressive career in law enforcement. A decade into his career with the Rochester PD, Michael crossed paths with a former police officer from a neighboring community, who happened to work...
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Going back to college? What you should know about our faculty

We call our instructors faculty. Our students often refer to them as mentors. As a student, the faculty will understand your goals, challenge you in the classroom, celebrate your milestones, and support you if you encounter any challenges during your experience. But who are they, really? Our experienced faculty are also business leaders and practitioners in their fields.There are three qualities that make a great instructor: Textbook + Tactics. We want our faculty to know the material you're...
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Granite Grad Uses Master's of Science in Leadership Degree to Inspire

  Siddartha's inspiration comes from helping others. For more than ten years, he worked for the New Hampshire National Guard: My whole career in the military has been about serving people in one way or another. When thinking about his personal and professional goals, he knew that a master's degree was a necessity. When choosing a graduate program, I originally considered social work, but I couldn't pay for it using my military benefits. The programs I was finding just seemed too "heavy" with...
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